A Brief Review of 2021

Kevin Orris
3 min readJan 2, 2022

You would think a positive COVID test and two weeks away from work would lead to a verbose year in review post. Sure, I have had time. Admittedly, my interest has lacked. Having just watched my 1 Second Everyday video from 2016, I am struck by how uninteresting the 2021 version of Kevin is.

New this year, I have a son! Watching him come into this world and now grow into a hardly two-toothed little man has been the highlight of my year and it is not close. I was rarely successful at meal planning, though I did begin to cook from scratch more.

Otherwise I read a lot of books, but it feels prideful to list them out. Instead, I simply offer that A Burning in My Bones, the Eugene Peterson biography by Winn Collier moved me most. And, of course, Scripture. I spent significant time reading, memorizing and studying Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, though short of the standard I set for myself.

I have read and re-read Wendell Berry’s poem, “Manifesto,” more than anything this year. Per usual, I read plenty of articles, too. I will try to link to a few of my favorites below.

I listened to my fair share of music, but nothing I am itching to share with the masses. If pressed, I spent the most time in worship with David Ramirez’ Backslider or Poor Bishop Hooper’s Psalms Project. Also, I really love Silicone Boone’s song “Found You”. I consumed a healthy dose of podcasts. My friend, John Chandler’s, Consortio Dei is my favorite new one thanks to its simple production and relatable conversation.

The Bon Iver, Bon Iver 10 year anniversary show at the YouTube Theater beginning as the Braves clinched their spot in the World Series set a new bar for pleasure stacking. The USMNT provided much to celebrate, helping heal old wounds.

Overall, it was a good year. Not great. My scars are greater, my coffee intake stronger, my journal fuller. God has been truly good to us.

Finally, stories worth reading.

The guy (not Jonah) who survived being swallowed by a humpback whale had to top the list.

You should read Pat Forde’s words about watching his daughter compete at the Olympics.

Tim Keller’s reflection as he faces death should be required reading.

The Washington Post wrote about a nearly 100-year-old woman and her two-year-old neighbor who are best friends.

The AP wrote about a church still standing and serving its community in the aftermath of the recent tornadoes in Kentucky.

MLB.com shared a story of a catcher who once used a potato in a baseball game.

Esau McCaulley wrote about a woman who deserves justice after being unjustly handcuffed while naked in her home.

I still want to know more about these marching Chinese elephants.

This is from 2016, but it is my favorite profile of Norm Macdonald.

I still laugh when I think about this guy who made (at one point) a fortune on Dogecoin.

One guy quit the internet just before the pandemic.

Hands down, the worst opinion piece of the year.

My favorite Braves story came via the New York Times regarding the relationship between Brian Snitker and Bobby Cox.

There are few people like LaMelo.

Ben Lindbergh wrote about “A drive into deep left field…”

This man who has helped the El Salvador national team uncover players from home is interesting.

I could watch Gardner Minshew and his dad celebrating his win five times a day and never tire of it.

Never forget the guy who captured the alligator in the trash can. Or the guy who defended his wife from a bobcat.

Thank you as always for reading. Perhaps next year will be more interesting.